Composition of the TDLC

The Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia (“Competition Tribunal” or “TDLC”) is a collegiate body and in accordance with Article 6 of the Decree Law No. 211, the plenary session is integrated by five full-time judges (“Ministers”), three of whom must be lawyers, including the President of the TDLC, while the other two judges must be economic graduates or must have a postgraduate degree in economics sciences.

The Competition Tribunal also has two substitute judges are of them, a lawyer and the other a graduate or postgraduate in economic sciences.

The President of the TDLC, who must be a lawyer, is appointed by the President of the Republic from a list of five candidates prepared by the Supreme Court, through a public contest. Two judges (one lawyer and one economist) are appointed by the Council of the Central Bank through a public contest. The other two judges are appointed by the President of the Republic from two shortlists, one for each designation, prepared by the Central Bank, also through a public contest. All judges of the TDLC remain in office for six years and may be appointed for only one successive period.


Nicolás Rojas Covarrubias,
President of the TDLC

Jaime Barahona Urzúa,
Judge Lawyer
(2020 – 2026)

Ricardo Paredes Molina,
Judge Economist
(2020 – 2026)

Alternate Ministers

Rafael Pastor Besoaín,
Deputy Judge Lawyer
(2020 – 2026)

Pablo García González,
Deputy Judge Economist
(2020 – 2026)

Attorney Secretary

Valeria Ortega Romo
Attorney Secretary of the TDLC