Resolution No. 49 – Case NC 431-15 – Inquiry regarding the acquisition of the Sheraton Santiago Hotel, and the San Cristobal Tower by Hotel Investment Holding SpA

On April 14th, 2016, the Competition Tribunal issued a favorable opinion on the request presented by the National Prosecutor´s Office about the acquisition of the Sheraton Santiago Hotel and Convention Center, and the San Cristobal Tower by Hotel Investment Holding SpA. (The “Acquisition”). The Tribunal analyzed the characteristics of the hotel industry in the context […]

Resolution No. 48 – Case NC 430-15 – Inquiry regarding the merger of Telefónica Chile S.A. and Telefónica Larga Distancia S.A.

The Competition Tribunal resolved favorably the inquiry presented by Telefónica Chile S.A. and Telefónica Larga Distancia, regarding the merger by incorporation of the latter into the former, and the eventual modification or elimination of Decision I, letter b), of Resolution N° 389 of H. Comisión Resolutiva, of 1993, should it still be valid. The Tribunal […]

Resolution No. 47 – Case NC 429-15 – Inquiry by Servicios Equifax Chile Ltda. regarding the Exchange commercial information service

The Competition Tribunal resolved favorably an inquiry by Equifax, regarding its “Exchange” service. In order to minimize the competitive risks that were identified during the proceeding, the following measures were established as conditions for implementing the service: Equifax cannot establish any kind of exclusivity clauses or incentives with the clients of the “Exchange” service. “Exchange”’s […]

Resolution No. 46 – Case NC 425-14 – Inquiry by ECM Ingeniería S.A. regarding tenders for construction and operation of parking lots in Melipilla

The Competition Tribunal resolved an inquiry presented by ECM Ingeniería S.A., regarding a project that consisted of the joint construction and operation of underground and surface parking lots in downtown Melipilla; this project had been presented by ECM to the Municipality of that city. The Tribunal declared that this project complied with D.L. N° 211, […]

Resolution No. 45 – Case NC 420-14 – Inquiry by Colegio de Cirujano Dentistas de Chile regarding the determination of reference tariffs

The Competition Tribunal resolved an inquiry by the Association of Dental Surgeons, regarding reference tariffs for dental procedures. The Tribunal mentioned the following conditions for a reference tariff, such as the one that generated the inquiry, to generate less competitive risks. No reference tariffs should be established for services in which a reduced number of […]

Resolution No. 44 – Case NC 413-13 – Inquiry by GLR Chile Ltda. and others regarding participation in public contests for radio broadcasting concession renewals in Santiago and Osorno

The Competition Tribunal authorized participation of the societies GLR Chile Ltda., Comunicaciones del Pacífico S.A. (CDP) and Sociedad de Radiodifusión El Litoral (SRL), in the public contests for FM radio broadcasting concession renewals of the distinctive signal XQD-055 of which SRL is titular in the city of Osorno, and the distinctive signal XQB-016 of which […]

Resolution No. 42 – Case NC 398-11 – Report request by the National Prosecutor’s Office regarding tariff regime of electric provision associated services

The Competition Tribunal qualified the following services provided by electric distribution companies as subject to price fixing: (a) Lease of Electronic Measuring Equipment; (b) Removal of Electronic Measuring Equipment; (c) Relocation of Electrical Connection and Measuring Equipment; (d) Change of Lead-in Wire; (e) Electrical Connection Repair; (f) Execution or Installation of Provisional Electrical Connections; and, […]

Resolution No. 41 – Case NC 404-12 – Inquiry by the National Prosecutor’s Office regarding transfer of radio broadcasting concessions to Radiodifusión SpA

The Competition Court decided to authorize the acquisition and rental by Radiodifusión SpA (related to Canal 13) of some of Comunicaciones Horizonte’s radio broadcasting concessions, by which the radio stations “Oasis” and “Horizonte” currently broadcast from. After analyzing the proposed operation, even though the Court deemed that its effects on the radio broadcasting market would […]